Our goal is to provide a caring and safe environment in which children can develop a strong sense of self‑worth, competence, creativity, and curiosity. We strive to foster in each child a sense of self-respect as well as a sense of respect and concern for others. Based on the young age of our students and the international nature of the community, this often includes assistance in adapting to a new environment or culture, and many times, to a new language.

Children are natural learners, explorers, philosophers, artists, inventors, scientists and creators. Research shows that the greatest learning for young children occurs through hands-on play and open-ended exploration. By creating a content-rich environment, replete with opportunities for children to pursue their own ideas and curiosity, we can foster a deep love of learning. The teachers provide a wide range of activities, ideas and materials to explore each day, guided by the children’s inquiries, interests and inspiration.

Children, like all humans, want to be known and loved. It is our goal to be respectful mentors and authentic companions to children as they learn to navigate the world and find their joyful place within it.  We are honored to support children in their social-emotional growth: as they learn to understand and manage their feelings, as they explore what it means to be a kind and productive member of a group, as they build new relationships outside of their homes, and as they practice communicating and interacting effectively with others.

Because children thrive on consistency and clearly defined boundaries, it is our job to create an affirming and positive environment with predictable routines and rituals. When children know what to expect and what is expected of them, they feel secure and free to explore confidently. From this place of security, they are able to engage fully with the materials and experiences available to them.

In addition to our lovely school building with light-filled classrooms, Crossroads benefits from the beautiful natural surroundings of the Institute for Advanced Study campus. We spend a great deal of time outdoors each day, exploring the natural world, whether in our playgrounds, on the walking paths, in the woods or by the Institute pond. The children become confident explorers and stewards of our natural environment, and their deep engagement with nature is therapeutic and inspiring.